venerdì 23 novembre 2012

In Auckland!!

Kia Ora!!
Yesterday we arrived in Auckland and after a great dinner at Thyme Restaurant we simply fainted on bed for 10 hours!! So tired!! This morning we ate a very full breakfast (we missed lunch...but we weren't hungry at all) and then we got on the road!!

Diego was really flocked about "the left thing" hard to get used driving on letf side of the road!
So we went to Te Hana and we saw a beautiful Maori Village!

On the road Diego discovered how beautiful and green NZ is and I was all like "I told U so"
Nature is everywhere unlike in Italy!
Diego was surprised about how much the traffic is neat in this road, 100 km/h speed limit and no one drives rushing. He has some difficulties to drive at 100km with a clear road and a perfect road surface, but he did it!! Good boy!!
After a little rest in the hotel, we brought the car back and walked to the hotel, but we haven't had lunch yet, so why not to try some noodles?!?! We discovered Noodle Canteen and it was gorgeous...soooooo good!
Now we came back to the hotel and at 7pm we'll meet the other 106 fellows to have dinner all together. I think that the Thyme will be all for us... :P

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