lunedì 26 novembre 2012

Meet Peter Jackson!!

What a great night! Just met Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis and the other Dwarves!!!
At 7.15 we arrived at the Party and start to enjoy the actors and the people there, the drink and the finger food... then WHAT A FLOCKING SURPRISE!! There were Peter Jackson and E. Wood!!
They stayed on stage for a while and then they met the fans. Sadly I missed Wood, but I met Peter J. so, who cares!! (LOL)
P.J. left too and the party went on... at 22.00PM another big surprise: Andy Serkis arrived, what a big luck for me, I was just there! I could talk and have a picture with him immediately!
So tired for the long day...we went to bed very happy.

Peter Jackson and Me!!!!
Me & Andy Serkis!

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