mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012


The day started in a quite bad way: The hotel's telephone rang at 5:55AM to wake us up... and the departure was at 7:15..SO!? I need 20min to get ready, not 1h20min!!!
Bad thing. Bad breakfast.
Anyway, it's Edoras day and I'm excited about that..Diego too, but he's too much pissed off for the early wake up!
And at the pit stop Diego's camera broke for the dust, this means that he can't use that for the diving: 2nd thing to piss him off.
"There is a bridge you don't need anythings to cross the river"... We arrived and, of course, we had to cross over the river... Diego got his letf foot wet.. Yeee (ironic..)
We walked for 3km and we enjoyed the really windy Edoras!!!
Our accomodation was Twizel's MacKenzie where we saw the Southern Cross (after a long and parient wait for the sky to clear off of clouds...)

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