martedì 4 dicembre 2012


We forgot to kill the telephone yesterday evening, so.. The bastard rang at 6:45!!! For a departure at 8:30!!!
Pancakes this morning...sweet!
So, today's destination is Rohan: remote landscape used for the scenes of "The Leaf Brooch Canyon" & where the Rohan village was burned.

Long way and long stay in locations because some of us re-played some scenes from the movie. The late lunch was actually at 15pm (really late for us, flock!!)
We had some tea & scones at 12...and we run to Arrotow. I didn't like very much the fact that we stayed in Arrotown only 30min, we haven't had the time to enjoy the city.
We returned to Queenstown and we had dinner at Devil Burges! BEST BURGERS EVER!!!
I had a Mary's little lamb and Diego enjoyed so much his Yankee devil, as U can saw in the photo!

Than we went to Sturbucks and we really enjoyed our white chocolate mocha, our favorite!

Tomorrow we'll be in Mavora Lakes and we need something to eat, what's better than 2 subway's sandwiches?! Nothing!
So we tool our sandwiches and 4 triple chocolate cookies from CookieTime!

Ready to goooooo!!!!!

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