mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012

Mavora Lakes

Rain, rain, rain...why!?
Again we slept untill 7:30 (R.I.P. The telephone) again pancakes! I'm so glad for that, no more bacon & eggs for me thn.

On the bus for 4h (!!!) and we arrived to The Silverlode River/the Orc funeral pyre/Gandalf calling up Shadowfax/ the Hobbits "hidding place" and where Sam and Frodo left the fellowship!
Some sun, more rain and wind, our very good lunch by Subway and the discovery of the really good taste of the triple chocolate cookie by CookieTime!!
Again on bus and around 16 we arrived back in Queenstown. Time to rest.

At 19 we'll be at Devil Burger with Pam for a great dinner.

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